Cushion Cover (Home Furnishing) Guide, Know Before You Buy


Cushions are an integral part of every home décor. Whether it is a sofa, a chair, a couch or even a bed, beautiful colorful cushions always liven up the home environment. Cushion covers refers to the slips which are put over the cushions to protect them from stains and dirt; and also, to beautify them according to our taste and to match the décor pattern of the room. These are one of the most common pieces of soft furnishings that finds their place in every home. There is a wide range of cushion covers available in the market, and selecting the right kind of cover to match our interior décor plus the right kind of fabric that could provide smooth and comfy feeling, is really a mind-boggling thing. Skillfully designed with a wide variety of aesthetic ideas and unique modern patterns, pillow covers, today, have taken on an artistic touch of perfection.

Commonly Used Materials

Cushion covers are a major constituent of every home decor that signifies comfort and elegance. Judicious buying of these covers not only elevates the aesthetic sense of your room but also promotes the comfort level. Choose the fabric that doesn’t wrinkle, and always gives a shimmering look to the cushion; further, it should not fade away or collect dust easily. It should be skin friendly and should not cause any skin rashes and allergies. So special care needs to be taken while selecting materials for these covers.

Some of the commonly used materials to make cushion covers are:

  1. Cotton.
  2. Silk
  3. Polyester.
  4. Leather.
  5. Velvet.
  6. Jute.
  7. Satin.
  8. Linen.

While selecting the materials for your cushion cover, make sure you pick the one which suits your needs the best. For example, if you are looking for cushion covers for children’s room, then go for the fabric that is easily washable and more durable, along with being soft and comfy to touch. These requirements are fulfilled by cotton and polyester fabrics as not only they are cheap but are also very easy to wash and maintain. Silk, Satin and leather ones are perfect for a formal and sophisticated setting of your drawing-room; whereas Linen and satin will be good for elder’s bed-room.

Different Types Of Covers

There are so many types of designer cushion covers available in the market these days. Some of them are:

  1. Embroidered cushion covers
  2. Painted cushion covers.
  3. Fringed cushion cover.
  4. Knitted cushion covers
  5. Laced cushion covers
  6. Beaded cushion covers
  7. Crocheted cushion covers
  8. Denim cushion covers.
  9. Recycled cushion covers.
  10. Ribbon Work Cushion Cover.
  11. Hand Painted Cushion Cover.
  12. Plain Multi-Color Cushion Cover.

Depending on your budget, interior decorating taste and durability requirements, you may prefer any of the above-mentioned cushion covers for your home use.

Designs And Patterns

Cushion, these days, are not just a mere piece of utility-based accessory, but it has taken the place of an important home furnishing item which are fabricated by skilled professionals, keeping in mind customer’s orientation, taste, mind-set and current market trends. They have become a source of enhancing the ambiance of the interiors along with adding panache. The patterns and designs of cushion covers are usually inspiration from nature, religious symbols, traditional patterns and various floral and geometric patterns. These designs display a rich color spectrum and skillful workmanship. The cushion covers are often decorated with bead, sequins, and mirror works creating exquisite patterns and eye-catchy designs

Traditional Cushion-Covers From India

India is well known for its most artistic and traditional approach in creating most elegant and world-class cushion cover designs. The whole credit to the traditional craftsmanship goes to the cultural heritage of Indian society where a craft-skill is passed on from one generation to the other with total dedication. Usually Indian traditional craftsmanship is characterized by the use of bold motifs, nature inspired designs, geometrical patterns and large stitches. The colors used in traditional Indian designs are usually brilliant, bold and gay, without a hint of garishness, this gives it a universal appeal. Aesthetically beautiful and utility-based cushion covers with eye-catchy Indian embroidery is sure to add color and taste to any living room.

Hand embroidery, chain stitch embroidery and exquisite thread-work from Kashmir is artistically collaborated with the traditional patterns and contemporary designs to produce widely appreciated stuffs. Rajasthani mirror work, kantha embroidery and south Indian crafts work are just a few to name, every region in India is rich in its typical and exquisite craftsmanship which gives us a wide range and choices to select for our cushion cover designs.

Modern Designs And Styles India

India is not only famous for its traditional designs but has also emerged as a leader in creating exquisite modern cushion covers. These modern cushion covers make it easy to sit back and relax while adding a touch of color and style to your space.

Modern designs currently include retro, silk and embroidered covers in bright and eye-catchy colors. They look great on any modern sofa sets, lounge, and couches. Modern approach includes bold, contemporary, geometrical patterns and unconventional designs. Cartoon characters, animal prints and faces printed on cushion covers is a new approach to lure young generation which is setting market on fire.

Now days, the trend is to blend the traditional craftsmanship skillfully with the modern designing techniques to produce a wide range of artistically appealing and utility-based cushion covers that will satisfy every one need. The objective is to produce ethnically beautiful cushion covers that could match every customer’s pocket and decor taste.